Counselling Service

Our Counselling Service offers up to 8 counselling appointments on a weekly basis with a BACP registered counsellor. They are provided via video call e.g. zoom or on the telephone if this is preferred. The counselling appointments are for 50 minutes, available free of charge for all our adult community members, including both affected individuals and family members.

If you would be interested in accessing counselling, finding out how counselling may be beneficial for you or have any questions, please contact


Counselling Policy

Our counselling policy provides further information about our counselling service, which includes information about the number of sessions, cancellations, confidentiality and personal data.  A PDF version of the policy is available to view here.

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity

How Counselling can help you

Your counselling appointments provide a confidential space to explore, talk through any  challenges or concerns that are troubling you. You  will have the opportunity to feel acknowledged, heard and  supported outside of your  own social/family circles of support.

At AlexTLC we are aware that It can feel daunting to reach out for support for oneself,  and acknowledge this as a significant step towards building self-compassion and helping you to feel as well as you can.

Clients have noticed counselling can be helpful in many ways here are a few examples:

  • Looking after feelings, emotions, or thoughts
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Losses and grief
  • Dealing with changes
  • Managing and creating boundaries
  • Communication
  • Advocating for Self and love-ones
  • Considering own needs and self-care
  • Trauma

To learn more about counselling, please read information provided by the BACP about Counselling: Introduction to counselling and psychotherapy

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity