Unnamed or Undiagnosed Leukodystrophy



Age range at onset:

All ages

Specialists you may see:


If the cause of your leukodystrophy is not known (Undiagnosed), or if your condition is so rare that it has not been given a name (Unnamed), it is difficult to predict what your symptoms will be.

Leukodystrophies are genetic disorders primarily affecting central nervous system white matter, and often present with similar symptoms. Common symptoms of those with a leukodystrophy are described in our Symptoms and Treatment pages; this information may be useful to help you manage these. Not all leukodystrophies are affected by these symptoms.


Alex TLC supports everyone with a leukodystrophy, even if the cause or name is not known, providing support, general advice and access to specialists, but will not be able to give disease-specific information if the cause of your leukodystrophy is not known.