This can be a very difficult and scary time for families, as relationships and trust you have built up with doctors and children’s services will change. We provide advice, information and support through the transition from child to adult services.

Transitioning from children’s services to adult should start around the age of 14 and all professionals involved with the care and support of the young person should start thinking about how to smoothly transition. In healthcare this transitioning normally takes place at the age of 16, however some doctors will continue to see the young person until they are 18, this should be checked with the individual doctors and hospitals.

For those still in education the transition to adult care services is at the age of 18. Most County Councils have a team who support transitions and is included within the 0-25 framework, this is to provide continuity between children’s and adult services.

You can find out more about transitions from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who have produced a guideline detailing how transitions should work.