Leisure Activities

There are several accessible leisure activities from bowling to swimming. Try to find a local hydrotherapy pool as this is a therapeutic whole-body treatment that involves moving and exercising in water – essentially physiotherapy in a pool. The water temperature is usually 33–36ºC, which is warmer than a typical swimming pool. Many hospices and hospitals have hydrotherapy pools.

If you are wheelchair user think about getting out and about for walks and visiting local attractions, many of which are now fully accessible and have Changing Places toilets.

Cinemas and theatres have wheelchair spaces, and some have special showings especially for those with disabilities.

For those with vision impairment Audio Description can enhance the experience of watching tv, films and theatre productions. Find out more about Audio Description.


The Calvert Trust enables disabled adults and children of any ability, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside.

They provide:

  •         A wide range of adventurous outdoor activities, meaningful challenge and adventure within a framework of safety
  •         Skilled, qualified and caring staff able to fulfil the needs of visitors
  •         Accommodation appropriate to the needs of the visitors
  •         Facilities for families and friends to share the enjoyment and experience

Disability Grants can offer a grant towards the cost of a holiday. Find out how to apply here.

Make a Wish,  Rays of Sunshine and Starlight charities grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. This could be a special holiday, to meet someone famous or even be their favourite character or Super Hero for a day.