Upcoming General Catch Ups

Zoom meetings planned for April, May & June

Our next general catch up is for Men with Mild Symptoms on Wednesday 20th April at 18:00 💙


We also have two other catch ups coming up in May and June, the dates and times will be announced soon:
– In May will be a general catch up for family members/carers of children that have been recently diagnosed.
– In June will be a general catch up for individuals and family members/carers of adults that have been recently diagnosed.


From Alex TLC, Karen Harrison, Support Services Manager, and Suzanne Gosney, Beneficiary Engagement Officer, will be attending. This will be held on Zoom in a group setting with other Alex TLC beneficiaries. Please be aware that at these meetings individuals may have a variety of symptoms and some with more advanced symptoms of leukodystrophy than others. Any questions, please contact suzanne@alextlc.org

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity