Tribunals research report

“Wasting Money Wasting Potential”

The research report by Pro Bono Economics, commissioned by the DCP, has the aim of understanding more about the cost to the public purse of Tribunals and the impact that the process has on children and families.  The report finds that at least £60million is spent on Tribunals – the vast majority of which are won by parents – and that this money could be better spent supporting children.

The headlines from the report are

  • PBE study shows 11,000 tribunals lodged in 2021-22, up 29% on 2020-21
  • Councils lost 96% of tribunals that progressed to a hearing
  • Lost tribunals cost taxpayer £60m, split between councils and courts
  • Wasted money could fund nearly 10,000 places in SEN units in schools
  • Current EHCP process can impact development of children and young people and put financial strain on families

To read the report: “Wasting Money Wasting Potential” research report

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