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SwanBio Therapeutics gene therapy for AMN

January 2022

Opening first clinical study to treat patients The FDA have cleared the Investigational New Drug application for SBT101, SwanBio Therapeutics gene therapy candidate for AMN. This means that they are able to proceed towards opening their first clinical study to treat patients with AMN with SBT101 at sites in the US.

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

December 2021

On our 2nd Day of Christmas, Nick Divall tells us about his diagnosis of AMN and his love of Christmas. Up until 2017, I had never been ill or diagnosed with more than low blood pressure. It was while on holiday in America that I first noticed walking problems. My left leg was doing an excellent job of tripping me up, all by itself. I put it down to being on holiday and the excitement of attending a Star Wars convention.

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