Sense’s ‘Give Carers a Break’ Campaign

Highlighting the important role family carers of disabled people play, and the benefits of respite care

Family carers often provide round-the-clock care and support to disabled loved ones at home. However, many struggle to access the respite they are entitled to, leaving them exhausted and burnt out. Sense’s new research, in the news today, shows that 1 in 5 carers can’t remember the last time they had a break.

It’s essential all carers get a meaningful break – a chance to rest and recharge – to catch up on household tasks and spend time with other members of the family.

Sense is calling for:

• Improved information and support from Local Authorities for families accessing short breaks and respite
• Government to provide long-term funding to increase specialist respite provision
• Improved public awareness and understanding of the importance of respite

It’s essential that all carers must get a meaningful break – a chance to rest and recharge – if you agree, then show your support by tapping the link: Give Carers a Break

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity