Queen Square Adult Leukodystrophy Group

The Queen Square Adult Leukodystrophy Group (QSALG), is a multidisciplinary group that accepts referrals from doctors throughout the UK regarding patients with undiagnosed leukodystrophy / leukoencephalopathy, with the goal of guiding those doctors in arranging appropriate investigations and making a diagnosis.  The team consists of neuroradiologists, neurologists (from cognitive, neuroinflammatory and neurogenetic specialities), and a physician in adult inherited metabolic disease, with support from neurology trainees and administrative staff. A monthly meeting is held to discuss new referrals and view brain scans and other results – with a comprehensive written report sent to each referring doctor.  A bi-annual leukodystrophy outpatient clinic is also held at Queen Square at which patients may be reviewed in person if required.