Dr Ann Moser

Dr Ann Moser worked alongside her late husband, Dr. Hugo W. Moser for more than 40 years investigating lipid metabolism in inborn errors of metabolism. In 1976 they developed the plasma total lipid VLCFA test for X-ALD. Following Dr. Barbara Migeon’s work to map the X-ALD gene, they were able to clone the gene for X-ALD, ABCD1, in 1993, and developed the ABCD1 mouse model in 1997. Alongside Augusto Odone, father to Lorenzo of the award-winning film “Lorenzo’s Oil”, and together with Dr William Rizzo, they developed Lorenzo’s Oil.

Today, under the leadership of Dr Ali Fatemi, her research team is exploring new ways to treat neuro-inflammation in X-ALD and other nervous system diseases. This team developed, tested, and validated the test methodology for X-ALD new born screening, key to the addition of X-ALD to new born screening programmes in New York, California, Minnesota, Connecticut, Washington, North Carolina and Florida.