Britt Ekland – Alex TLC Patron

In June 2019, Britt Ekland’s (known for her roles in Get Carter, The Wickerman, and as Mary Goodnight in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun) son Nicholai and daughter-in-law Alison, sat her down and said they had something very serious to tell her. Worried at what the possibilities could be, she sat patiently through the explanation of an early diagnosis given to their youngest son, Lucas. “At 3 months old, Lucas was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy, ALD. We found out from the newborn screening results in California. ALD was added only a few months before he was born.” Horrified by this news, Britt immediately sprang into action. “We are so lucky to know this information about my grandson, Lucas. He is going to be 3 years old in April and is doing well. He is monitored very closely with MRIs every 6 months and blood draws every 3 months and if needed, we can do something about it because we have this information. Babies are able to be monitored from birth and their lives saved because we can intervene with treatment. How is it that the UK does not have newborn screening for ALD?” Britt has agreed to be our Patron at Alex TLC and we hope that from her experience with her grandson in California, changes will be made in the UK as well. To learn more about Britt’s grandson Lucas and his fight against ALD: