Passage Bio Press Release: Krabbe Disease

Publication of preclinical data that supports ongoing clinical study

Passage Bio have announced on 29th March 2022 the publication of preclinical data that support ongoing clinical study of PBKR03 in their GALax-C trial.

To view the press release: Passage Bio, Inc. – Passage Bio Announces Publication of Preclinical Data that Support Ongoing Clinical Study of PBKR03 in Krabbe Disease


In April 2022, Passage Bio have said that Dr. Samiah Al-Zaidy, Krabbe clinical lead, has confirmed that UK families are currently able to enroll in Krabbe trial. The Netherlands site is open to accepting European families, and the Manchester site is close to be able to start recruiting. Until it opens, you are welcome to reach out to the Manchester coordinator, Laura Crowther, at

There is further information about the study, including participation and locations of trial sites, on Click on the link:

They have also produced patient educational brochure on Krabbe Disease, in English and Spanish, which can be found on the Krabbe Disease Condition Page. Click on the link to view the brochures:

Krabbe Disease – Condition Page

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