Other ways to get involved this Rare Disease Day 🦓

Find out other ways you can support our efforts to raise awareness of leukodystrophies 💙

We want to you let know what other ways you can get involved and help us to raise awareness of leukodystrophies this Rare Disease Day.

Shine a light on rare disease and leukodystrophies by displaying our poster and a light in your window (blue would be perfect, but any colour will do). If you don’t have a printer and would like us to send you a poster, please email: info@alextlc.org If you’d like to post your window display on social media, please use the hashtags:
#AlexTLC #LightUpForRare #Leukodystrophy

Could you make small donation and help us to fill our virtual stained glass window? Your gift will enable us to continue to provide invaluable support for those affected by leukodystrophy.

Donate today.


Get involved on our social media channels! Help us to raise awareness of leukodystrophy by sharing our posts on our social media channels between 20th to 28th February. Visit our pages, by clicking on the links below:





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