National Voices’ Response

Read their response to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Discussion Paper

National Voices have developed a response to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan In this evidence submission, National Voices welcomes the opportunity to input into the proposed 10-Year Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan.

To view the full response: National Voices Response


National Voices have given a summary of their response:

‘In our response, we highlighted the importance of bringing together services to support our mental and physical health, given the undeniable links between the two (as highlighted in our Ask How I Am report) and the clear opportunities that exist with the integration agenda.

We welcomed the focus on tackling inequalities in the mental health and wellbeing discussion paper. Our response made it clear how important it is that the plan includes robust action to address issues such as poor housing, lack of employment support, challenges in accessing benefits and more.

We were really impressed by the inspiring ways many of you are working to support mental health and wellbeing. We made sure to highlight the critical role that voluntary and community organisations play, the importance of developing genuine equal relationships and the need to invest in a health ecosystem of community-based support.

Finally, we highlighted just how critical it will be to meaningfully involve people with lived experience of mental ill health in redesigning systems to better meet their needs. We also highlighted how important it will be that all actions identified in the plan are fully resourced.’

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity