MR Safety Week

Monday 24th – Friday 28th July 2023

This week provides an opportunity to focus on the importance of MR safety and best practice within MRI services. We will be sharing information and advice about using MRIs during this week on our socials and below.


Clinical Trial for men with AMN or cALD

MRI screening has a vital role in monitoring for cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy (cALD). Minoryx Therapeutics is starting a clinical trial for men with AMN or cALD called CALYX.

To find out more:


Written Informational Resources

There are two organisations who during the week will be sharing resources, we hope you find them helpful:

The British Institue of Radiology

Sharing advice sheets on their website, including managing intra-operative and interventional MRI services.

The Society and College of Radiographers

Produced a MR Safety: Patient PosterQ&A, which answers common patient questions.


Video Resources

ALD Connect have shared a video “Mastering the Pediatric MRI Experience” which discusses practical tips and tricks that can be utilised when having a MRI Watch the video here: ALD Connect MRI Video


Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity