Leukodystrophy ACTIVITIES Month Posts

Shared by our community members, staff and trustees 💙

Below are posts which have been shared on our social media channels throughout September:

Our wonderful community member and volunteer, Nick, enjoys being on a sunny beach in Spain.

Our lovely community member enjoys playing games on his switch pad pal – his favourite game is a cause and effect transport game.

Our amazing Research Analyst, Kristina, enjoys going for walks with her boyfriend and their dog.

Our wonderful Fundraising Assistant, Fiona, enjoys doing Reformer Pilates to help her joints and balance.

Our lovely community member, Cameron, enjoys going to a cafe for the hustle and bustle.

Our amazing community member, Myles, loves spending time outdoors in his wheelchair.

Our wonderful Fundraising Manager, Marlene, enjoys watching wrestling with her family.

Our lovely community member Sam loves to go swimming, relax in a hot tub and play cricket.

Our amazing CEO, Sara, likes doing jigsaws to relax and exercise her brain.

Our wonderful community member, Toby, enjoys going on an accessible speed boat.

Our amazing community member, Cameron, enjoys visiting the zoo.

Our lovely community member and trustee, Olivia’s, favourite activities include travelling, hiking and camping.

Our wonderful community member, Bronwen, enjoys walking her dog, Basil.

Our lovely community member, Phoebe loves to relax by swimming/floating in the swimming pool.

Our amazing community member, Colin, enjoys riding on a mechanical horse simulator.

Our wonderful community member, Dude, toured France, Spain and Portugal in a bus with his family.

Our next activity post was sent in from Carlie in memory of her son JJ, who enjoyed the adventure of going up to the O2 last year.


Our amazing community member, Meaghan, loves going on new adventures. She loves to learn all things and enjoys the outdoors!

Our wonderful community member, Cameron, enjoyed going strawberry picking and the smell of the strawberries.

Our next activity post is from our lovely team member, Kristina. Kristina enjoys making time for Fika, an important part of Swedish culture.

Our amazing community member, Sam, likes getting his dog Ginni to do tricks and enjoys going to secondary school, which he has just started.

Our wonderful Engagement and Communications Officer, Suzanne, enjoys practising yoga.

Our lovely Fundraising Manager, Marlene, enjoys exercising as it helps her to feel stronger and more confident.

Our amazing community member, Cameron, enjoys doing arts and crafts.

Our wonderful CEO, Sara, enjoys using an exercise bike.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in Leukodystrophy ACTIVITY Month 💙 It’s been wonderful to see all of the different and fun activities you enjoy doing – whilst helping to raise awareness of leukodystrophy and our community!

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity