Survey for those affected by IMD

The BIMDG psychologists group work with individuals and families affected by inherited metabolic disorders (IMD).

They are looking at the way that psychological services for people affected by IMD are provided, and so they would like to know about the experiences and preferences of people who have these conditions. Below is the survey to collect this information. Please be aware that they are not collecting or storing any information that could identify you. The results will be shared with other psychologists, patients and professionals in the field of IMD, and may anonymously quote comments that you make on the questionnaire, but the findings will be reported in a way that is anonymous. The survey will close once we have received enough responses.

Please only complete the survey once.

The questionnaire for adults who have an IMD can be found here:

The questionnaire for parents of a child with an IMD is here:

Psychologists help when someone has been given a medical diagnosis, mental health proles including depression and anxiety etc.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact Dr Lynne Aitkenhead at the Charles Dent Metabolic Unit in London on 0203 448 4778.