Disabled Children’s Partnership Campaign – New Action

Message for the New Minister

We’re proud to be a member of the Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP), a coalition of more than 100 organisations that campaigns for better support for disabled children and their families.

This autumn, Kelly Tolhurst MP was appointed as the new Minister for Schools and Childhood.  That means she is the Minister responsible for deciding how to proceed with reforms to the Special Educational Needs and Disability System following the Green Paper consultation in the spring.  She is also responsible for the government’s response to the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.

It’s really important that Ms Tolhurst hears from as many parents as possible.  To help do this, the DCP is asking parents – and other people with an interest – to send in their one sentence message for the new Minister.  The DCP will then collate these and send them to the Minister.

Have you got a message for the Minister? Just click on this link to send it in.  https://bit.ly/NewMinisterMessage


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