Covid Updates April 2022

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Covid Booster Guidelines

The NHS guidelines for the covid booster have changed, they state that:

People aged 75 and over, people who live in care homes for older people, and people aged 12 and over who have a weakened immune system, will be offered a spring booster.

Please follow the link to the website for further information:

We are unable to advise who in our community would be eligible for the booster so suggest that you speak to your doctor for guidance on whether you would be eligible.

The government have guidance for people considered clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 which was updated on 1st April 2022:


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Covid Testing Information

The NHS has provided information on changes to testing for covid in England. Covid testing is no longer available for free in England to the whole population. However in England, you can still order tests for free if:
-you have a health condition which means you’re eligible for COVID-19 treatments (opens in new tab)
-your doctor or healthcare professional has told you to get a test because you’re being admitted to hospital
-you’ve spoken to your GP or healthcare professional recently and they asked you to get a test

To find out more:

To order free tests if eligible, visit:

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Thousands more vulnerable people are eligible to receive the UK’s second antiviral Paxlovid

Thousands more vulnerable people in England are now eligible to receive the UK’s second oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19. The study is open to adults over the age of 50 or those aged 18 to 49 with an underlying health condition that can increase the risk of developing severe COVID-19, who have received a positive COVID-19 test result, and who are experiencing symptoms that started in the previous 5 days.

Further information on eligibility for the national study can be found on the PANORAMIC website: If you receive a positive test for Covid and believe you may be eligible for the study, you can self-resister via the study website.

To read the full press release:

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