Community Ask

Community Ask

October Ask the Community Results

We wanted to share the feedback we received from our last ‘Ask the Community’.

Sensory Toys

There were a number of websites which were suggested as good places to find sensory toys.

Someone also recommended high street toy stores – which have toys designed for toddlers which are noisy/interactive but are also good for children with sensory needs.

Orthopaedic surgeon in South East London

“Claudia Maizen at Royal London is very good”

“Mr Kokkinakis (Evelina’s in SE London) was excellent”

“I would recommend Dr Reed at the Evalina Children’s Hospital for orthopaedic, he was amazing”


Ask the Community for November

This month the Community Ask request is from the Alex TLC Team, we’d love your feedback for future in person community meetings. Your feedback is important as it will ensure the meetings we plan in 2023, fulfil the needs and wishes of the community. It would be great to find out….

  • In what location/area would you like to see events offered?
  • Would you prefer fun activity based days or presentations/information sharing meetings?
  • What topics would you like see discussed?
  • What activities would you like us to arrange?


Is there something you’d like to ask the community?

You can do this by contacting us directly on and we will then share asks on our website, social media and community emails.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas 💙


Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity