Community Ask for September

And feedback from our August community ask

We’d like to share our Ask Our Community for September:

A community member is asking for recommendations for flotations and support aids to be used in swimming pools

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email them to


Thank you to everyone who got involved in our Community Ask in August. We asked for suggestions for an appropriate sensory gift for a 1 year old boy affected by infantile Krabbe Disease. We would like to share the feedback we received:

  • Fluffy or silky clothes
  • Textured and crinkly fabrics
  • Gentle music or story CDs
  • Microwavable blanket
  • Projector for the ceiling: can be watched whilst in bed and there are a variety available, including starry night
  • Sensory Items: microwaveable teddy, soft fluffy socks, aromatherapy oils

A couple of websites that sell sensory toys were also recommended:

Sensory Toy Warehouse

Baby Sensory Shop

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity