Breaking Down Barriers


Leukodystrophy affects ALL ethnicities and in reaction to this we are addressing the clear need for our organisation to target and help these minority groups.

We are becoming very vocal about attracting an increased engagement within minority ethic groups families in conversations, literature, website, and comms.

With this in mind we are focusing on the providing the following:


  • Translating our website into additional languages and showing our current minority ethic group beneficiaries in our imagery .

Digital Community Weekend:

  • Ask existing minority ethic group beneficiaries if there are any considerations we should make for this year’s event.
  • Include ethnicity on registration form
  • Creating minority ethic group engagement session/focus groups

Comms & Conversations:

  • Increasing minority ethic group engagement – we are currently speaking to families already known to us.
  • Gauge any existing barriers by talking directly with our current minority ethic beneficiaries.
  • Create further dialogue to increase effectiveness in engaging the hard to reach minority affected community.
  • Introduce further minority ethic groups for our ‘In Conversation with…” episodes. See below:
Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity