Ask the Community for March

Articles, Blogs and podcasts 📄🔉

We’d love to hear from you…what leukodystrophy or rare disease articles, blogs and podcasts do you like to follow or would you recommend for our community?

We have a few we would like to share:

Medics 4 Rare Diseases have an article called ‘From Genetics Undergraduate to Paediatric Registrar’, which discusses a Paediatric Registrar’s rare disease journey, including how a talk from Karen, Our Support Services Manager, was a pivotal moment in her own Rare Disease Journey. To read: Medic4Rare Article

Rarely Heard is a rare disease podcast created by Same but Different and Beacon for Rare Diseases. It provides a way to share the stories, experiences, knowledge, insights and voices of those living with some of the world’s rarest diseases. Find out more: Rarely Heard Podcast

We look forward to hearing and sharing your suggestions, please send them to

Alex - The Leukodystrophy Charity