ADSHG – Addison’s Collaboration

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Addison’s Disease Self Help Group. New Chief Executive Neil McClements writes:
“I’ve recently joined the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group as the new Chief Executive. It’s been a real pleasure to meet with the ALD Life team and to see the valuable work you are doing. At ADSHG, we’re looking forward to working together with you on a number of collaborations in 2019/2020. Both ALD and Addison’s are rare diseases, so it’s all the more important we work together in supporting our communities. We’re determined to collaborate across the board and especially on issues of shared interest. Working together, we will have a stronger voice for people affected by ALD and Addisons. We look forward to sharing and learning from each other, too.”
 To find out more about ADSHG, take a look at their website here. For more on our work with ADSHG in the future, watch this space!