‘A Rare Find’ short film

Newborn Screening Collaborative production

As a member of the Newborn Screening Collaborative, we are excited to announce that ‘A Rare Find’ is ready to watch!

The film features narration from Robert Webb (Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look) and starring roles from Jack Robertson (Where It Ends, BBC iPlayer), and real-life mother and daughter, Chantelle and Cora Lily Taggart. It is an comedy short with a difference…as it hopes to raise awareness of newborn screening and create conversation surrounding the subject, as change is desperately needed (at present the UK screens for just 9 conditions, with other countries screening for much more…at present the USA screens for up to 59).

The hope is the film helps to make people aware of the diagnostic odyssey, what the heel prick/newborn blood spot test is, that if opted out originally a child can get this up until 12 months of age (testing for all but CF), the amount of conditions we screen for in the UK and the contrast between other developed countries, and how/why you should get behind our campaign.

 To watch the film: A Rare Find

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