6 simple questions on reforming SEND services

#SENDABetterMessage campaign

The government is looking to reform disabled children’s services through a set of proposed policies in the ‘SEND Green Paper’. The government’s plans contain several worrying proposals that could further weaken the rights of families with disabled children and make it even harder for them to access support.

As part of the #SENDABetterMessage campaign on reforming services for disabled children and families, the Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP) has put together a simplified version of the government’s long, technical consultation. They are demanding a fairer and more just system of support for disabled children and families and aim to help engage families in the review. They need to get as many parents, young people and professionals involved as possible. They want to ensure the government knows how these policies could impact families.

The DCP have simplified the government’s consultation into 6 simple questions on the most urgent points. As a proud member of the DCP, we would encourage parent carers, young people, and anyone else with experience with SEND services to get involved and have your voice heard. We have until 22 July to gather as many views as we can.

Link to survey: Bit.ly/6SimpleSENDQuestions


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